Vaccination schedule for the Region of Sardinia

The National Vaccine Prevention Plan (PNVP) provides the Regions with a reference vaccination schedule, in order uniformly guarantee the right to vaccination prevention, and outlines "the optimal schemes for offering safe, effective and efficient vaccination services".

Although the document does not enter into the merits of the organisational modalities of the vaccination offer, which is instead the responsibility of the Regions, the vaccination schedule represents a useful guide for health workers in the vaccination services, general practitioners, paediatricians and even for parents, but above all it serves as a tool for implementing the vaccination strategies of each Region and/or autonomous province.

In particular, the Regions are tasked with putting the PNPV guidelines into practice: each region incorporates the PNPV and draws up its own vaccination schedule, defining any other vaccinations not included in the LEAs (Essential Levels of Care), the terms and conditions and any contributions towards expenses. Sardinia implemented the 2017-2019 National Vaccination Prevention Plan on 03/05/2017 (see Section: Regional Policies for Prevention_Attachment 4: Resolution No. 22-25 of 03/05/2017).

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