Vaccination prevention in Sardinia

The Regional Prevention Plan (PRP 2014-2018) provides a multi-year strategic framework for prevention and health promotion activities, effectively identifying and defining the 24 Programs with which the main objectives are to be pursued through actions aimed at their achievement, uniformly at a regional level.

The specific section dedicated to the development and reinforcement of vaccinations is described in detail in Program 9.1 (see Annex P - 9.1). In order for the improvement of the vaccination system to materialise, the 2014-2018 RPP must primarily ensure continuity with the above-mentioned projects in order to achieve the planned objectives.

The availability of a computerised vaccination database is the necessary tool to guarantee the correct management of vaccination programs, to monitor the efficiency of the activity and to check its effectiveness through the calculation of vaccination coverage. It therefore makes it possible to know precisely the target population to be vaccinated, the definition of the services’ work plan and the registration of vaccinations carried out; it also facilitates the exchange of information with the structures operating in the area.

After an experimentation phase in Sassari's ASSL No. 1, the vaccination registry is currently in the population phase (see Annex 2. State of register progress).

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