Regional Prevention Policies

The Regional Council’s Resolution n. 53/28 of 29.12.2014 provided for the preliminary identification, based on an analysis of the regional context, of the health profile and of the continuity with the previous Regional Prevention Plan of 4 Programs involving the implementation of vaccination strategies and related actions within the 24 Programs to be developed for the 10 Macro objectives envisaged by the 2014-2018 PNP.

These 4 Programs are included in Macro Objective 9 "Reducing the frequency of infections / priority diseases". (see Annex 1. Objective 9_PRP 2014-2018).

In particular, Program 9.1. "Development and reinforcement of vaccinations" provides for various actions, from the implementation of a single regional vaccination registry to the creation of multidisciplinary groups. Thanks to a strenghtened collaboration between various health professionals, these groups allow not only for the consolidation of vaccination coverage promoted in previous vaccination plans, but also for the ability to harmonise the introduction of the new vaccines identified by the new National Vaccination Prevention Plan (see Annex 2.PNPV 2017-19), and to enhance the population’s knowledge and conscious acceptance through interventions in health education based on correct information. To this end, the creation of the present site Vaccinarsi in Sardegna makes an important contribution.

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