Anti-influenza vaccination in pregnancy

What risks does influenza pose for a pregnant woman?

Pregnant women in the second and third trimester of gestation during seasonal flu period are one of the categories to which vaccination is actively and freely offered 1.

If the infection occurs at this stage, there is a greater risk of developing complications for the pregnant woman 2,3,4 and for her foetus. These include:

  • Hospitalisation of the mother2.3
  • Pre-term birth5
  • Foetal distress5
  • Caesarean section5
  • Reduction of foetal growth6
  • Hospitalisation of the newborn in the first 5 months of life7

Is the flu vaccine risky in pregnancy?

The scientific literature available highlights that:

  • Children of vaccinated mothers are more protected from influenza up to 6 months of life8
  • Vaccination of the mother is a protective factor for low birth weight and low weight for gestational age9
  • Maternal vaccination does not increase in any way the risk of foetal complications (foetal death, miscarraige10 and congenital malformations11)
  • There is a very slight increase in the risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia11

Are pregnant women informed on this subject?

An Australian study published in 2013 found that a quarter of the female population in pregnancy is completely unaware of the vaccination offer and 34% even believe that it is contraindicated12. Most women, however, have requested vaccination after receiving information from healthcare personnel11,13,14.

It is therefore of prime importance that health personnel are prepared to spread correct information on such a relevant public health topic.

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